Simultaneous Analysis of Large Data Sets

Caleb flexibly adjusts the number of nodes based on the size of the analysis data. All analyses are performed in parallel, enabling users to perform different analyses simultaneously.

Automated Computing Resource Optimization

Manually setting up computing resources for each analysis is no longer necessary. Caleb automatically schedules the analysis and optimizes computing resources so that each analysis is performed in the most efficient and affordable way.

Import and instantly use any existing pipeline

Caleb can instantly import any existing pipelines in their original form, enabling users to easily and seamlessly continue their research in Caleb.

Large-scale genetic analysis

Through our cloud genomics service, a large number of researchers can perform the analysis together as a group and monitor the analysis process in real time. Researchers from all over the world can easily access the project online and collaborate efficiently through Caleb, making large-scale collaboration projects easy and effective.

Utilize a large number of data sets from all over the world

Over the years, Caleb has accumulated huge amounts of genetic data to give users access to as much data as possible. Caleb’s massive data collection minimizes the need to manually upload public data that are widely used in genetic research

Genomics Cloud Security and Compliance

Caleb guarantees a great level of security for all kinds of data that are uploaded or processed in our platform. Data can be securely transferred and shared through Caleb. Various levels of access can be authorized to different users to prevent undesirable data sharing.